Tektronix R7844 400MHz Dual-Beam Oscilloscope

•Bandwidth: 400 MHz
•Rise Time: 900-ps
•1 ns/Div Fastest Calibrated Sweep Rate
•Greater than 1.5-cm/ns writing speed
•8X10 cm display
•CRT readout
•True dual beam (Dual-gun)
•Full Vertical crossover switching
•Deflection Factor -determined by plug-in

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The Tektronix R7844 is a solid-state, wide bandwidth, dual-beam Oscilloscope. The instrument accepts Tektronix 7000-Series Plug-In units to form a complete measurement system. The flexibility of the Plug-In feature and variety of Plug-In units available allow the system to be used for many different measurement applications. The R7844 provides separate vertical and horizontal deflection systems in addition to FOCUS, INTENSITY, and BEAMFINDER functions for each beam. The Plug-In unit in either vertical compartment can be selected to provide vertical deflection for either beam. The Plug-In units in either horizontal compartment may be selected to provide horizontal deflection for either beam.

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Tektronix R7844         400MHz Dual-Beam Oscilloscope                  

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