Tektronix RTX130A QAM/VSB MPEG RF Signal Generator

•Supports ITU-T J.83 standards, annex A (DVB-C), B, C and ATSC VSB, for modulation of streams played from disk
•QAM modulation mode*1 of 16, 64, 256 and 8 VSB
•Frequency: 50 to 860 MHz in 12.5 KHz steps
•36/44 MHz IF output
•RF Output Level, 45-58 dBmV in 1 dB Steps
•DVB-ASI/SMPTE310M and SPI transport stream input/output for recording and playout from hard disk

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The Tektronix RTX130A QAM & VSB RF Signal Generator generates QAM and 8VSB modulated signals that are compliant with the DVB-C/ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C and ATSC standards. In addition to the RF signal output feature, the RTX130A records and plays MPEG-2 transport streams that are compliant with ATSC, DVB, and ARIB standards.

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Tektronix RTX130A             QAM/VSB MPEG RF Signal Generator           

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