Tektronix SA2600 10KHz – 6.2GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyser

•Low end frequency limit: 10.00 kHz
•High end frequency limit: 6.20 GHz
•Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 10 Hz
•Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 3.00 MHz
•Amplitude Range: +20 dBm to –160 dBm

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The Tektronix SA2600 handheld real-time spectrum analyzer is ideal for a wide variety of applications, ranging from small radio repair depots, to spectral interference management in the field. Featuring true real-time DPX capability in a handheld spectrum analyzer, the SA2600 offers practical solutions to discover short transient spectral events that slip past conventional spectrum and batch processing vector signal analyzers.The portability allows easy instrument sharing in the laboratory environment and robust all-day battery operation in the field, all with the largest display in its class. With field-ready, rugged hardware featuring outstanding displayed average noise level (DANL), spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), phase noise and easy LAN networking capability in a portable unit, the SA2600 is a great choice for general purpose spectrum measurements.The SA2600 has a variety of unique features such as visual and audio signal strength indicators and integrated GPS measurements‘ mapping with direction-finding vectors for easy location of signal emitters. Having 100% probability of intercept for signals of 500 microseconds or greater, and crystal-clear spectrograms, the SA2600 is an ideal tool for surveying the RF spectrum, mapping received signal strength and resolving spectral interference disputes. It is perfect for engineers doing pre-deployment analyses, signal strength mapping or troubleshooting interference, as well as regulatory agencies who need portable measurement capabilities suitable for today’s RF systems.The SA2600 is designed for general purpose field use in a wide range of frequency bands and modulation types. It incorporates a unique touch-screen interface that allows very fast tuning and zooming in and out on signals, improving operator efficiency when working across a wide range of frequency bands. The SA2600 offers both performance handheld spectrum analysis as well as innovative must-have technologies like DPX and GPS mapping at an affordable price

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Tektronix SA2600          10KHz – 6.2GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyser             

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