Tektronix SCD1000 1GHz Transient Digitizer

•Number of Acquisition Channels: 1 channel
•Vertical Modes: 1-Channel (Ch A orCh B) or 1 channel algebraic sum of both (Add and Invert)
•Input Voltage Range: Programmable froni 100 mV to 10.0 V Full-scale in a 1, 2, 5 sequence
•Input Offset Range: ±250 % of input voltage range
•Input Coupling: AC, DC, or OFF
•Bandwidth: 1GHz

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The Tektronix SCD1000 is a transient digitizer based on a scan converter tube. It is similar to a SCD5000, but the SCD1000 has a vertical amplifier instead of direct access. Because of this, the SCD1000 has 100 mV full-scale sensitivity, 50 times more sensitive than the SCD5000. However, the SCD1000 has only 1 GHz vertical bandwidth instead of the SCD5000’s 4.5 GHz.

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