Tektronix SG5030 0.1Hz–550MHz Programmable Leveled Sinewave Generator

•Frequency range:  0.1 Hz to 550 MHz
•Amplitude range:  4.5 mV to 5.5 V
•Amplitude flatness: +-1.5 to 4% of 50 KHz reference
•Synthesized frequency accuracy
•20 stored front-panel settings capability with non-volatile memory

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The Tektronix SG5030 Programmable Leveled Sine Wave Generator is a GPIB programmable TM 5000-series plug-in instrument designed to provide a low-distortion sinusoidal waveform with leveled output amplitude. Frequency, amplitude, and the front-panel store/recall parameters we fully programmable. Parameter values are displayed by 8 seven-segment LEDs in the display window. The SG5030 output amplitude is programmable from 4,5mV to 5.5V peak-to-peak into 50Q, and has a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 550MHz with a reference frequency of 50kHz. Additional connectors provide timebase input and output reference signais to external sources.

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Tektronix SG5030       0.1Hz–550MHz Programmable Leveled Sinewave Generator               

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