Tektronix SG504 245MHz–1050MHz Leveled Sinewave Generator

•Frequency range: 50 kHz or 6 MHz (Ref), 245 MHz to 550 MHz (Lo), 495 MHz to 1050 MHz (Hi)
•Output amplitude: 0.5 Vp-p to at least 4 Vp-p, flat to within ±4%
•Monitor output: 0.3 Vp-p into 50 Ω
•FM input: ±9 V into 50 kΩ (DC to 100 kHz) produces ±0.05% to ±0.4% deviation depending on frequency

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The Tektronix SG504 provides a constant-amplitude sine wave over a frequency range from 245Mhz to 1050Mhz. Amplitude-reference sine waves of 05Mhz or 6.0Mhz are provided. The output head has an output impedance of 50Ohms. The peak-to-peak voltage from the output head is adjusted by a calibrated five-turn potentiometer. The SG504 Leveled Sine Wave Generator is designed for use in the TM500 series power modules(not included). The SG504 is generally used in calibration of oscilloscopes above 250Mhz but does have other various applications due to its relatively flat output.

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Tektronix SG504     245MHz–1050MHz Leveled Sinewave Generator

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