Tektronix SG505 10Hz–100KHz Ultra-Low Distortion Oscillator

•Bandwidth Range: 10Hz to 100KHz
•Output: +22 to -60dBm
•Output impedance: 50/600/150ohms
•Source Impedance: 600W
•Fully Balanced Output: 28dBm
•Ultra-Low Distortion: < 0.0008% THD (Typically 0.0003%)
•Floating or Grounded Output
•600 Ohm Source Impedance
•Vernier Frequency Control
•Fully Balanced Outout to +28 dBm (SG505 Option 02)
•Selectable Source Impedance (SG505 Option 02)
•Intermodulation Test Signal (Options 01 and 02)

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The Tektronix SG505 Oscillator generate an ultra-low distortion sine wave from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with less than 0 .0008% THD respectively. The THD is typically less than 0 .0003% in the 20 fiz to 20 kHz range. On the SG 505, a Frequency Hz dial provides frequency adjustment within each band . A FREQ VERNIER control permits extremely fine frequency adjustment within each band.  A Frequency adjustment (to ±1 %) range . Distortion is less than or equal to 0 .0008% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz . An OUTPUT LEVEL switch, calibrated in 10 dBm into a 600 i2 load, selects eight level steps at the OUTPUT . The SYNC OUT connector provides approximately 200 mV RMS fixed amplitude and ground-referenced sin wave signal at the same frequency as the OUTPUT. The SG 505 Option 01 adds an intermodulation test function. The Intermodulation Test Signal pushbutton mixes an internally selectable 60 or 250 Hz sine wave with the normally selected frequency in a 4 :1 amplitude ratio. The composite peak-to-peak amplitude is calibrated to be identical with the peak-to-peak amplitude is calibrated to be identical with the peak to peak amplitude of the OUTPUT signal in the normal oscillator mode . The SG505 Option 02 adds the Option 01 (intermod) and changes the SG505 to have a balanced Output with an amplitude range of +22 dBm to -68 dBm ; the variable attenuator provides a continuous adjustment from CAL . A front panel control selects a source resistance of 600, 150,or 50 U2 .

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Tektronix SG505     10Hz–100KHz Ultra-Low Distortion Oscillator    

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