Tektronix SIU800 Static Isolation Unit

•Termination resistor: 50ohms
•Coefficient: <80mp
•Rise time: <40PS

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The Tektronix SIU800 Static Isolator protects the sampling bridge from damage due to static discharge from circuit boards and cables. The SIU800 is intended for use in applications such as TDR circuit board testing and cable testing where large static charges can be stored. When used with the 80E04 TDR/Sampling Head, the SIU800 provides a reflected rise time of less than 40ps and a reflection coefficient of less than 80millirho. This unit is installed between the DUT and sampling head and is controlled manually by a foot switch or under program control through a TTL compatible input.

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Tektronix SIU800        Static Isolation Unit

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