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China Electronic Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd was established in May 2015, with the headquarter located in Qingdao, Shandong province. Owning the 40th and 41st institute of CETC(China Electronics Technology Group Corporation) as the core, the company has a professional team engaged in the research and development of electronic measurement instruments, automatic testing system, microwave & millimeter wave components, and other electronic products, which enables the company with powerful capability of research &development, manufacturing, test and verification. Devoting to the research and development of high-tech electronic technologies and products, China Electronics Technology Instruments Company has been focusing on the development and volume production of microwave/millimeter-wave, optoelectronic communication, digital communication, fundamental general measurement instruments and automatic test system, microwave/millimeter-wave components as well as providing test methods for research and production of military & civil electronic components, whole instruments and systems.
Com-Power Corporation

Com-Power specializes in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility commonly referred to as EMC. EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility, and is the ability of an electronic product to work as intended in its environment. That means the product has to limit its own noise (electromagnetic emissions) so that it does not cause interference to other products.

Picotest specializes in high-tech precision electronic instruments and test equipment. Our goal is to utilize our strong R&D capability and commitment to the highest quality standard in order to provide our customers with the best test products and services. is a distributor of Picotest Corp. products and services in the U.S.A.
Founded in 2004, Picotest Corp. specializes in developing and manufacturing high-tech precision electronic instruments and related equipment. Picotest Corp is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
In 2000, IET Labs acquired the GenRad standards, impedance decades, megohmmeters, digibridges, audio and strobe lines and now continues to manufacture, service and support these product lines „In the Genrad Tradition…“ IET is proud to continue to manufacturer and support the metrology related products of General Radio. These include the Standards and Decades products (Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance), Digibridges, Megohmmeters, Audio products, and Strobotac lines.

Microrad designs and manufactures meters and analyzers for the isotropic measurement of electromagnetic fields.

The range of safety products includes broadband measuring meters with demodulation of the band base and frequency selective.

Microrad offers assistance services, technical training and ISO 17025: 2005 certification on all physical quantities that can be measured by our meters. The company management system is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

ITECH is devoted to research and development in power supply technologies in test and measurement. The company specialized over the years and it is skilled in producing high power electronic testing systems, high-performance automated testing systems, power supplies and electronic loads. Our products are widely used by enterprises in all fields. Our products known for high performance and quality are exported to over thirty countries in Europe, North America and Asia.
TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) is a leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments. These products are sold throughout the world via carefully selected distributors and agents in each country. Aim TTi is located in Huntingdon near to the famous university city of Cambridge, within one of the high technology areas of the United Kingdom. All TTi products are designed and manufactured at our Huntingdon facility here within the EEC. Aim Instruments is a sister company that also produces electronic instruments. The portfolio of products from Thurlby Thandar Instruments (TTi) and Aim Instruments is grouped under the overall banner of Aim-TTi.

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