Advantest Q8347 350nm-1750nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

•Instrument Type: Michelson interferometer
•Wavelength Range: 350nm to 1750nm
•Wavelength Accuracy: 0.01 nm
•Wavelength Resolution: 10.0 pm
•Dynamic Range: 35 dB or more
•Storage Temperature: -10 to +50 deg C, RH 90% or less


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The Advantest Q8347 exhibits its full capabilities in evaluation of WDM (Wavelength division multiplex) transmission systems, ultra high-speed optical transmission systems and narrow-band optical filters, extending applications for the coming information society. Although higher resolution can be obtained with optical spectrum analyzers using a Fabry-Perot interferometer, they had problems such as narrow measuring spans and low wavelength accuracy. Designed based on improvements on existing spectrum analyzers employing a Fourier spectrum system with a Michelson interferometer, the Q8347 optical spectrum analyzer has attained high wavelength resolution and measurement accuracy.

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Advantest Q8347    350nm to 1750nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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