AGILENT HP 11720A 2-18GHz Pulse Modulator

•Frequency range: 2 to 18 GHz
•Extremely short rise and fall times (<10 ns)
•High ON/OFF ratio (>80 dB) making it suitable for almost any pulsed RF application
•Insertion loss: <6 dB (2 to 12.4GHz), <10 dB (2 to 18GHz)
•Maximum RF input power is +20 dBm
•Mmaximum Repetition rate is >5MHz
•Minimum RF pulse width is <50 ns
•Pulse input >3 V (on), <0.5 V (off) in normal mode
•Impedance is 50-ohms nominal


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The 11720A is a high-performance pulse modulator covering the range of 2 to 18 GHz. Driven by a pulse generator, this modulator can modulate the microwave output from microwave sources (including a 8349B microwave amplifier) to produce unleveled RF pulses with 10 nsec rise and fall times and >80 dB on/off ratio. This combination driving the 83550-series millimeter-wave source modules can deliver high-quality pulse performance to 60 GHz.


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AGILENT HP 11720A     2-18GHz Pulse Modulator

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