AGILENT HP 11729B Carrier Noise Test Set

•Frequency range: 5 MHz to 18 GHz
•IF output bandwidth: 5 to 1280 MHz
•Phase noise and AM noise measurements
•Low system noise floor


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The Agilent HP 11729B Carrier Noise Test Set, combined with an HP 8662A synthesized signal generator and a baseband spectrum analyzer, form a complete broadband measurement system for phase noise and AM noise testing of microwave oscillators, 5MHz to 18GHz. With one versatile measurement system, direct AM noise measurements and two methods of phase noise measurements can be made, at offsets from the carrier of <1 Hz to 10 MHz. These three operating modes allow a wide variety of sources, from low noise stabilized sources to free-running sources with high drift to be measured.

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AGILENT HP 11729B    Carrier Noise Test Set

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