Ando AQ4303B White Light Source

•Wavelength Range: 400 to 1800 nm
•Output Stability: ±0.05 dB (at 20 °C, for 1 hour)
•Output Waveform: CW or 270 Hz chopped light
•Output Level: -45 dBm or More
(50/125 µm GI fiber, wavelength of 850 nm and 1300 nm, bandwidth of 10 nm, CW)
•GP-IB interface Supplied as standard


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The Ando AQ4303B is a white light source best suited for loss-wavelength characteristics measurement of optical fibers and devices.This wide-band, highly stable light source, which employs a high-power halogen lamp, provides CW light and 270 Hz square wave modulated light by the chopper incorporated. The AQ4303B also incorporates an optical filter that can be readily inserted by switch operation to remove higher-order optical components.



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Ando AQ4303B      White Light Source                      

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