Ando AQ7110C Single Mode Optical TDR Dual

•Wide dynamic range: maximum 30dB (backscattered light). Maximum of 112 waveforms (2k data) on the CRT can be stored in a memory module (factory option).
•Horizontal axis scale: 125m, 250m, 0.5km, 1km, 2km, plus distance ranges specified for each plug-in optical unit
•GPIB interface for remote control is standard equipment.

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The Ando AQ7110C Optical Fiber Analyzer is a compact OTDR designed to measure various types of fiber attenuations (transmission loss, connector loss, loss per unit length, etc.) and to efficiently locate breakpoints in the optical fibers. The AQ7110C is particularly convenient for field operations for installation and maintenance of optical fibers. The AQ7110C launches a light pulse into the optical fiber, then detects the backscattered light and measures the power level. This technique, called the backscattered light technique, enables the AQ7110C to detect and locate breakpoints regardless of surrounding conditions.

•1310 to 1550um Wavelength w/ Biconic Connector

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