BK Precision 1790 0-32V, 0-20A High Current Linear DC Power Supply

•Output Voltage: 0-32V
•Output Current: 0-20 A
•Max. Power 640 W
•Voltage Regulation Line: <±0.01% ± 2 mV
•Load: <±0.01% ± 2 mV
•Voltage Mode Ripple & Noise (20 Hz – 20 MHz): < 1mVrms
•Current Mode Ripple & Noise (20 Hz – 20 MHz): < 1mVrms


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Discontinued replaced by 9205. The BK Precision 1790 is a cost effective, high power, regulated DC power supply with 640 Watt output (0 to 32V, 0 to 20A). It is a linear high current DC power supply suitable for bench operation or standard 19″ rack operation. This linear power supply is a high power workhorse that will easily deliver clean power to your high current circuits. Special features include the ability to set constant current with no load and remote sense to compensate for any voltage drop in load leads.

•Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
•Remote Programming Facility
•Facility for Presetting the Output Voltage and Max. Load Current Limits
•Separate DC Output ON/OFF Switch
•Remote Sensing Facility
•High Stability and Close Regulation ±0.01%
•Meet CE Specifications


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BK Precision 1790      0-32V, 0-20A High Current Linear DC Power Supply    

BK Precision 1790 Produktdatenblatt

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