BK Precision 388B Test Bench Digital Multimeter in new rubberized case

•Frequency:  4 kHz to 4 MHz
•Voltage Range : 1000 V
•Voltage, Rated AC : 400 mV to 750 VAC
•Voltage, Rated DC : 400 mV to 1000 VDC
•Resistance Range:  400 Ohms to 40 MOhms
•Capacitance Range:  4 nF to 40 uF
•Basic accuracy: 0.5%

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The BK Precision 388B Test Bench DMM has a new rubberized case. This high performance digital multimeter offers more features for the dollar than other multimeters.The BK 388B has a dual injection molded case that allows a better grip and offers better meter protection.

•3 3/4, 4000 count LCD display
•Continuity and diode test
•Transistor test (hFE)
•Auto power off
•All current ranges are fused protected
•Designed to meet IEC61010 1, CATIII 1000V, class2
•Ruggedized case
•CE marked and UL listed
•3 year warranty



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BK Precision 388B    Test Bench Digital Multimeter in rubberized case

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