BK Precision 5491A 50,000 Count Dual Display Multimeter

•DC Voltage Max. Range: 1000V
•AC Voltage (True RMS) Freq. 50Hz to 10KHz Max. Range: 750V
•Resistance measurements up to 50MΩ, 10m Ω Resolutions.
•Measures frequency to 500KHz,, 0.01 Hz Resolution.

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Discontinued replaced by 5491B. The BK Precision 5491A is a very accurate 50,000 count, dual display, true RMS bench multimeter. The BK 5491A is designed for bench-top, field service, and system applications with a high performance/price ratio. Impression with the RS-232 computer interface (standard), the meter is fully programmable for use on the RS-232 Interface.

•Low cost and high performance
•True RMS (AC, AC + DC)
•DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Frequency, Diode Continuity
•DBm measurement
•RS 232 Interface
•1 Year Warranty


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BK Precision 5491A      50,000 Count Dual Display Multimeter                    

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