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BK Precision 5492C 5 1/2 Digital Benchtop Multimeter


•Digits: 5½
•DCV basic accuracy: 0.010% (100 ppm)
•Voltage, DC: Ranges 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V, 1000 V
•Voltage, AC, true RMS: Ranges 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V, 750 V – frequencies between 3 Hz and 300 kHz
•Current, DC: Ranges 100 µA, 1 mA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 1 A, 3 A, 10 A
•Current, DC, true RMS: Ranges 100 µA, 1 mA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 1 A, 3 A, 10 A
•Resistance, DC: Ranges 10 Ω, 100 Ω, 1 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 100 kΩ, 1 MΩ, 10 MΩ, 100 MΩ
•Capcitance: Ranges 1 nF, 10 nF, 100 nF, 1 µF, 10 µF, 100 µF, 1 mF, 10 mF
•Frequency: Ranges 3…10 Hz, 10…100 Hz, 100 Hz…1 kHz, 1…10 kHz, 10…100 kHz, 100…300 kHz, 300 kHz…1 MHz

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The BK Precision 5492C 5½-digit bench multimeters are designed for accuracy, repeatability and ease-of-use. A wide measurement range with speeds up to 1000 readings per second, and a basic DCV accuracy up to 35 ppm deliver stable measurement results quickly and accurately. These general purpose meters are well suited for demanding engineering, production and service applications.
The intuitive 4.3-inch LCD offers a variety of measurement display modes including numeric, bar meter, trend chart, and histogram. The built-in math functions, statistics display, and dual measurement capabilities offer convenient ways to capture and analyze measurement data.

•12 measurement functions: DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2 and 4-wire resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, temperature, continuity test, DCV ratio
•High-contrast 4.3-inch full color LCD
•Measurement speed up to 1000 readings/s
•DCV basic accuracy up to 35 ppm (0.0035%)
•Histogram, bar graph, trend chart, and numeric display options
•Display Min, Max, Peak-to-Peak, Average, Standard Deviation statistics simultaneously
•Null, dB, dBm, %, mx+b, and run/stop math functions
•AC frequency measurements to 1MHz Internal storage buffer for up to 10,000 readings
•2 and 4-wire resistance measurements down to 10 Ω
•Dual measurement display
•Rear input terminals for rack use (6 ½-digit model only)
•Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), LAN, and RS232 interfaces, supporting SCPI commands. GPIB option
•3 Year warranty

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BK Precision 5492C          5 1/2 Digit Digital Benchtop Multimeter

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