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Ceyear 3643K 40GHz-60GHz Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender

•Frequency Range: 40GHz – 60GHz
•Port output Power: ≥+6dBm
•System dynamic Range (intermediate frequency bandwidth 10Hz): ≥100dB
•Reflection Tracking (dB): ±0.12
•Transmission Tracking (dB): ±0.12
•Effective Directivity (dB): ≤-35
•Payload matching (dB): ≤-35
•Port connector form: WR19, system impedance 1Ω
•Working Voltage: 12VDC@2A

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The Ceyear 3643K Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender has reached the international level in measurement speed, dynamic range and measurement stability. In terms for hardware, this module adopts new design concepts and technical solutions, so that the key technical performance indicators of the whole unit are significantly improved; As for the software, its spread spectrum system is based on the platform environment of Windows operating system, so that the interconnectivity and usability of the whole unit has been greatly improved. The 3643K VNA Extender can be used to compose a millimeter-wave vector network analyzer sysem with 3640A millimeter-wave spread spectrum controller and a vector network analyzer, which can realize flexible configuration of 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm frequency band and an even higher frequency band, and the highest frequency can  500GHz. It has the featrues of simple system configuration, friendly user interface and high test precision, and realizes the measurement of all S-parameters of millimeter wave measured network. The system is widely used in the R&D and production testing for millimeter wave componens, MMIC, antenna, RCS and materials.

Main characteristics:
•Windows 7 operating system, Chinese menu, as well as English menu option
•Various calibration methods such as frequency response, single port, response isolation, full dual port, TRL etc.
•Applicable to different types of vector network analyzer hosts
•Realizing spread spectrum measurement of two-port vector network analyzer by 3640A

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Ceyear 3643K    40GHz-60GHz Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender

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