Com-Power CGO-515 1MHz to 1.5GHz, 1MHz / 5MHz Step Switchable Comb Generator


•Intended Application: EMI Radiated Site Reference Source
•Frequency Range: 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz
•Frequency Step Size: 1 MHz and 5 MHz
•Frequency Stability: 50 ppm
•Amplitude Stability: ± 0.1 dB
•Time Stability: <1 dB over 12 months
•Charger Output / Input: 6 VDC, 500 mA / 110VAC 60 Hz or 230 VAC 50 Hz
•Battery Type: 6V NiMH, 1 Ah
•Operating Time: >18 Hours Typical With Fully Charged Battery
•External Indicators: Battery Low and Power On
•Antenna Size: 5 and 12 inch Monopole
•Dimensions: 7 x 0.75 inches / 17.7 x 1.9 cm
•Weight: 2 lbs. / 0.9 kg
•Polarization: Vertical and Horizontal

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The Com-Power CGO-515 Comb Generator is a conducted and radiated signal reference source. This Comb Generator can produce harmonics at 1 MHZ and 5 MHz. The step size can be selected by a toggle switch. These reference signals are used for validating EMC test sites; therefore the reference signal source must have a stable and precise output. Com-Power’s Comb Generators line is designed to meet this requirement. Due to the broad frequency range, two antennas are supplied with the CGO-515, a 12” antenna for low frequency up to 450 MHz, and 5” antenna for 450 MHz and above. The radiated signals are generated by connecting one of the two antennas to the BNC connector located at the center of the CGO-515. The circular chassis of Comb Generator helps radiate the signal more uniformly in all directions within the same plane. The conducted reference signals can be obtained by connecting a Coaxial Cable between the BNC connector mentioned above and a Spectrum Analyzer. The CGO-515 is powered by an enclosed rechargeable battery pack to minimize disturbances of external cables that might interfere with the radiated signal. When the battery voltage reaches below the operating level, the output signal will shut off automatically to prevent further use and misleading data. When fully charged, the battery allows continuous use of the Comb Generator for up to 18 hours.

•Stable Frequency Output
•Automatic Low Voltage Signal Shutoff
•Battery Operated
•Three-Year Warranty



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Com-Power CGO-515        1MHz to 1.5GHz, 1MHz / 5MHz Step Switchable Comb Generator

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