Tektronix P6156 3.5 GHz Passive Probe

•Input-capacitance approximately: 1 pF;
•Input impedance: 300 ohms at 300 MHz, decreasing to 150 ohms at 1 GHz;
•Bandwidth (-3 dB): DC to 3.5 GHz;
•Risetime: 100 ps;
•Maximum Input Power: 0.5 W nose resistor dissipation;
•Maximum Voltage: 16 VDC or RMS to 800 MHz, decreasing to 9 V at 1 GHz

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The Tektronix P6156 is a DC to 3.5 GHz, compact size, fast-rise, low input capacitance, passive voltage probe with a constant input resistance over a wide range of frequencies. It is designed for use with wide band oscilloscope amplifiers with 50 Ω inputs, such as the Tektronix 11000-series scopes with the 11A71 plug-in.

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 Tektronix P6156                 3.5 GHz Passive Probe

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