Tektronix SG5050 Programmable Leveled Sine Wave Generator

•Frequency range: 10KHz to 2.5GHz
•Amplitude range: 4.5mV to 5.5V
•Impedance: 50ohms
•Synthesized frequency accuracy
•Excellent VSWR
•Easy integration into GPIB systems
•Self test on power up

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The Tektronix SG5050 Sinewave Generator is the only choice for anyone who needs leveled output amplitude to calibrate analog or digital scopes with bandwidth to 2.5GHz under either local or programmable control. That’s because no other programmable leveled sine wave generator is built specifically to fill scope calibration requirements. The SG5050’s leveled output is variable from 10 kHz to 2.5 GHz with a programmable reference frequency of 10 kHz to 10MHz. Crystal-controlled frequency accuracy eliminates drift so there’s no secondguessing results.

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Tektronix SG5050     Programmable Leveled Sine Wave Generator

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