Tektronix SJ300E SDH/SONET Analyzer

•Generates and Measures Jitter on SDH/SONET Optical Inputs, up to 622 Mb/s Measures Jitter
•Generation, Transfer and Tolerance
•Stores and Executes Test Sequences for Jitter Tolerance and Transfer Testing
•Detects and Records Jitter Hits
•Generates and Measures Wander on 1.544 Mb/s and 2.048 MHz Synchronization Signals
•Generates and Measures Jitter Up to 622 Mb/s
•Wander Option (Opt. 06) Includes PC Software for Uploading, Calculating and Analyzing Wander Data
•Data Correlation Method Used to Measure Jitter Transfer Provides Superior Accuracy
•Measures and Generates Wander on SDH/SONET Lines
•Tests Conformance to all ANSI, Bellcore and ITU-T Timing Standards CCITT G.958, CCITT G.703, ITU-T G.813 July 95, Bellcore GR-253-CORE (TR-NWT-000253), ANSI T1.101 and ANSI T1.120
•RS-232 and GPIB Interfaces for Remote Operation
•Real Time Wander Analysis and Display
•Adapter Available for STSX-1 and STSX-3 (STM-1e) Analysis

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The Tektronix SJ300E provides the assurance that your systems are operating properly. It enables manufacturers and service providers to verify proper operation and standards compliance of their products and networks. With its comprehensive measurements and associated analysis tools, the SJ300E is a complete solution. The SJ300E offers complete generation and measurement of phase jitter parameters on SDH/SONET signals up to 622 Mb/s. In addition, it generates and analyzes line and synchronization signal wander in SDH/SONET systems. The SJ300E can also perform network wander tests. This includes sync transient generation, a choice of monitor or terminate levels for measuring sync signals and a wide choice of sync signal framing patterns. The wander test option (Opt. 06) includes software for fast analysis and graphical display of Time Deviation/Maximum Time Interval Error (TDEV/MTIE). This PC-based software drastically reduces the time and effort required to do wander analysis.

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Tektronix SJ300E         SDH/SONET Analyzer

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