Com-Power AM-741R 9kHz – 60MHz Active Monopole Antenna


•Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 30 MHz (useable to 60 MHz)
•Polarization: Vertical
•Nominal Impedance: 50Ω (output port)
•Battery Type: 6 VDC NimH (rechargeable)
•Average Battery Life: 10-12 hours (new, fully charged battery)
•Active Antenna Factors (typical): -1.2 to -0.3 (average: -0.5) [dB(m-1)] (9 kHz to 30 MHz)
•Antenna Factor Variation (maximum): ±0.5 dB (9 kHz to 30 MHz)
•Dynamic Range: 103 dB @ 1 MHz [1 kHz bandwidth]
•Lower Limit of Field Strength Measurement: 7 dBµV/m (2.2 µV/m) @ 1 MHz [1 kHz bandwidth]
•Upper Limit of Field Strength Measurement: 110 dBµV/m (0.35 V/m) @ 1 dB compression
•VSWR (output port): 1.01 to 1.329 (average: 1.06) :1 (typical)
•Return Loss (output port): 17.0 to 41.1 (average: 33.1) dB (typical)
•RF Connectors (input/output ports): N-type (female)
•Specifications: MIL-STD-461, RTCA DO-160, CISPR 25, etc.
•Weight: 9.5 lbs. [4.3 kg]

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The Com-Power AM-741R Active Monopole Antenna is used for radiated emissions measurements, typically below 30 MHz. It is commonly used for tests according to RE102 of MIL-STD-461, Section 21 of RTCA DO-160, CISPR 25 (automotive), and other various standards. It is required per most test procedures, that the counterpoise be bonded directly to the ground plane on (or over) which the Equipment Under Test (EUT) is installed. The AM-741R is an Active Monopole Antenna operating over the frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz (usable up to 60 MHz). Its removeable, telescoping rod element is adjustable from 23 to 105 cm (approximately). Most standards specify a rod height of 104 cm (41 inches). Due to the high impedance of the rod element, a matching network with a high input impedance and 5Ω output impedance (for connection to the measurement equipment) is needed. The AM-741R provides this and also incorporates a low-noise preamplifier, thereby increasing the sensitivity and signal to noise ratio of the measurement system.

•Active Matching Network
•Fiber Optic Remote Monitor/Control option
•Battery Operated
•Individual Calibration Included
•Three-year Standard Warranty


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Com-Power AM-741R    9kHz – 60MHz Active Monopole Antenna

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