Advantest R3162 9kHz-8GHz Spectrum Analyser

•Frequency Range: 9KHz to 8GHz
•Span range: 1KHz to 8GHz
•Input impedance: 50ohms
•Resolution bandwidth Range: 1kHz to 3MHz
•Amplitude Range +30 dBm to average noise level
•Sweep Time range: 20ms to 1000s


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The Advantest R3162 is a low-cost implementation of a portable spectrum analyzer with the key performance characteristics manufactured to address a variety of measurements. Built around a newly developed direct digital synthesizer, the spectrum analyzer offers a frequency span accuracy of ±1% or less in frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 8 GHz. The built-in auto-calibration feature assures an over-all level accuracy of ±1.5 dB. Dramatically enhanced distortion characteristics of a 1 dB gain compression point of 0 dBm input, a second-order harmonic distortion of -80 dBc, and a two-signal third-order intermodulation distortion of -80 dBc make measurement in a 117 dB broad dynamic range possible. The new synthesized local oscillator enables the R3162 to speed up sweep time, updating as many as 20 traces per second. The R3162 personal spectrum analyzers is designed to fit into a broader range of applications than ever before.

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Advantest R3162    9kHz-8GHz Spectrum Analyser

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