Advantest R3765CG 300KHz-3.8GHz Network Analyser

•Frequency Range: 300kHz-3.8GHz
•Frequency Resolution: 1Hz
•Frequency Accuracy: +/- 3ppm
•Power Resolution: 0.01dB
•Output Accuracy: 0.5dB
•Output Impedance: 50ohms
•Dynamic Range: 100dB


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The Advantest R3765CG is a vector network analyzer that incorporate a new RF circuit analysis technique. The measuring frequency range is from 300 kHz to 3.8 GHz ADVANTEST’s unique high-speed signal processing technology enables a faster measurement speed. In addition to the basic model, a model with built-in bridge transmission/reflection characteristic measurement and a model with a built-in S-parameter test set for forward and reverse measurement are also available. An optional 3-port test set or 4-port test set can be added to these models. By installing additional input channels in the receive section, the multi-port models allow perfectly simultaneous measurement of two different measurement paths, revolutionizing the measurement efficiency of multi-port devices. The 8.4-inch color TFT liquid crystal display allows the waveform display to be split into four windows. An independent measurement path can be selected for each window, thus allowing the simultaneous display of up to eight parameters in four paths. Analysis of measurement items in a wide range can be completed instantaneously. By executing 2-port full calibration, measurement speed can be increased to 0.15 ms per point. 

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