Advantest R3770 300KHz-20GHz Vector Network Analyser

•Frequency Range: 300 kHz – 20 GHz
•Frequency Accuracy: +/- 10 ppm
•Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz
•Output Impedance: 50 ohms
•Output Power Range: -22 dBm – +10 dBm
•Output Resolution: .001 dB


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The Advantest R3770 Network Analyzer is a high-performance multi-port analyzer designed with a greater emphasis on measuring passive components. Higher frequencies are also supported, with the R3770 supporting frequencies from 300 kHz to 20 GHz. It has the software fixture function that perform real time simulation of virtual matching circuits and standardized impedance conversion in addition to S-parameter Analysis.

  • Very fast sweep rate of 5µs/point
  • Model options available for 2 to 4 ports
  • System dynamic range of 125 dB (typical)
  • Balance measurement at 20 GHz


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