AGILENT HP 1147A 50 MHz/15A AC/DC Current Probe

•Wide bandwidth: DC to 50MHz
•15A peak, 15 ADC, 10 Arms continuous, 30A peak non-continuous
•Highly accurate current detection
•Split- core construction allows easy circuit connection
•Broadband frequency characteristics DC to 50 MHz
•Connects directly to InfiniiVision and Infiniium scope with 1 MΩ
AutoProbe interface
•Easy to degauss and offset zero calibration
•Easy protect function at excessive input


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The Agilent HP 1147A is a wide bandwidth, active current probe. The probe features flat bandwidth (DC-50MHz), low noise(<2.5 mA rms) and low circuit insertion loss. The Agilent HP 1147A is ideal for capturing transient current signals such as those found in motor controllers, in switching power supplies, inverters and current amplifiers driving inductive loads.

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AGILENT HP 1147A     50 MHz/15A AC/DC Current Probe

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