Ando AQ8423Z Optical Amplifier Analyzer

•Wavelength Range: C-Band mode (1520 to1580 nm) L-Band mode (1560 to1620 nm)
•DUT Input Power Range: -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm
•DUT Output Power Range: +24 dBm or less
•Gain Accuracy: ±0.2 dB
•NF Accuracy: ±0.3 dB
•Display: 9.4-inch Color LCD
•Applicable Fiber: Single mode 10/125 um
•Interfaces: GP-IB (2-ports), video output (VGA compatible)
•Display: 9.4-inch Color LCD

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The Ando AQ8423Z is a unique dual-range optical amplifier analyzer. In conjunction with an external optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) and light sources (such as tunable laser sources or DFBs), the AQ8423Z can measure gain and noise figure (NF) of optical amplifiers both in C-band and L-band. Two testing wavelength ranges can be switched internally by simple operation. The AQ8423Z employs the proven „Pulse
method“ technique. It utilizes 1 MHz modulation frequency, which is high enough to suppress a rise of ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) level during off signal. The AQ8423Z can achieve very high accuracy in ASE measurement resulting in accurate NF measurement. Since the AQ8423Z can eliminate all DWDM signals simultaneously during ASE measurement, it can obtain measurement results under actual DWDM operational conditions.

•Pulse method with 1 MHz modulation
•C- and L-band measurement capability
•DWDM measurement mode
•Hands-free calibration
•Maximum test channel: 200 channels
•Minimum channel spacing: 25 GHz

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Ando AQ8423Z        Optical Amplifier Analyzer                      

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