Com-Power ANK-310 30MHz – 1GHz Antenna Kit for FCC & CISPR

•Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 1 GHz
•Compact Log Periodic Antenna: ALC-100
•Biconical Antenna: ABF-900
•Preamplifier: PAM-103
•Comb Generator: CGO-501 or CGO-505
•Near Field Probes: PS-500
•Cables: N and BNC type

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The Com-Power ANK-310 is intended for EMI radiated emission testing and includes two antennas to cover 30MHz to 1GHz; a Biconical Antenna covering 30MHz to 300MHz, and a Log Periodic Antenna to cover 300MHz to 1GHz.
Additionally a PAM-103 preamplifier is included in this kit to improve system sensitivity. Near Field Probes are provided to allow the user to sniff around circuits, cables, and enclosures for noise source. A Comb Generator is provided as a reference noise source.
The ANK-310 antenna kit can be purchased with an AT-120 antenna tripod with a separate carrying case. The AT-120 tripod is easy to use and made of wood and nylon material to minimize interference while using the antenna.

•Broadband Antennas
•High Gain Preamplifier
•Near Field Probes kit
•Comb Generator
•Carrying Case
•Three Year Warranty




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Com-Power ANK-310        30MHz – 1GHz Antenna Kit for FCC & CISPR

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