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Com-Power FCLC-400 Current Clamp Calibration Fixture for CLCI-400


•Dimension (A): 75 mm
•Dimension (B): 131 mm
•Dimension (C): 128 mm
•Dimension (D): 17.5 mm
•Dimension (E): 25.5 mm
•Dimension (F): 18 mm
•Dimension(G): 166 mm

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The Com-Power’s Current Probe and Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Probe Calibration Fixtures are each designed to accomodate the exact physical dimensions and electrical properties of the respective probe with which it is intended to be used. With the appropriate probe installed, a nominal 50 ohm transmission line impedance is maintained across the frequency range of the probe. Calibration fixtures are used for calibration of Coupling Loss/Transfer Impedance of current probes and BCI probes, as well as for the calibration of test levels for conducted immunity/susceptibility tests using BCI probes.
The Com-Power FCLC-400 Calibration Fixture is designed for use with the Com-Power CLCI-400. The fixture is required for calibration of the Transfer impedance, insertion loss & VSWR parameters.

•Maintains 50 ohm Nominal Impedance Transmission Line with Probe Installed
•Coupling Loss/Transfer Impedance Calibration
•Test Level Calibration of Bulk Current Injection Probes
•Three-Year Warranty


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Com-Power FCLC-400        Current Clamp Calibration Fixture for CLCI-400           

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