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Microrad NHT 310F 0Hz – 40GHz Broadband EM Field Meter


•Frequency range: Selective mode: DC – 1MHz, Wilde Band Mode: 100KHz – 40GHz
•Graphic Display: 4.3” TFT 272 x 480 Pixel, 262 color
•Measurement Units: V/m, kV/m, A/m, W/m2, mW/cm2, uW/cm2, μT, mT Gauss % (depending on probe)
•Time average: r. m. s. value on a moving window selectable from 1sec to 24 hours
•Single, continuous Acquisitions: saving of all the data presented by the instrument, with a seltable interval, between one memorization and the next, from 1 to 60 seconds.

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The Microrad NHT310F, an electromagnetic field meter designed for measuring and testing Dc to 40 GHz fields in working and general environments. Signal analysis in the time domain with the possibility of the result on the touch-colored display of the device. Isotropic measurement, display of the effective r.m.s. and peak value (peak), memory recording limited only by SD card capacity, selection of the electromagnetic field voltage unit (V/m, kV/m, A/m, W/m2, mW/cm2, uW/cm2, uT, mT, Gauss, %), connection with smartphone, tablet (Android) or computer (Windows) via WLAN, GPS module, robust non-magnetic housing, built-in temperature and humidity sensor, possibility to work with a charge of more than 24 hours. The device has the ability to program the system and structure so that you can adapt to future legal changes.

•Ideal for mobile applications
•Unbeatable price / performance ratio
•Touch screen
•Capture and display of pulse signals up to 500ns (depending on the probe)
•Automatic calculation of the pulse width and duty cycle
•Removable memory
•Simultanieous display of the Electric and Magnetic Induction fields from 0Hz to !MHz
•Over 24 hours of autonomy
•Remote Wi-Fi connection with OS Windows and Android application

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Microrad NHT310F       0Hz – 40GHz Broadband EM Field Meter             

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