Tektronix 453A 60MHz Oscilloscope

•Bandwidth: 60 MHz
•Channels: 2
•Calibrated amplitude of 5mV to 10V/div


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The Tektronix 453A Oscilloscope is a transistorized portable Oscilloscope designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. The light weight of the Type 453A allows it to be easily transported, while providing the performance necessary for accurate high-frequency measurements. The dual-channel DC-to-60 MHz vertical system provides calibrated deflection factors from 5 millivolts to 10 volts/division. Channels 1 and 2 can be cascaded using an external cable to provide a one millivolt minimum defect-ion factor (both VOLTS/DIV switches set to 5 mV). Information given in this instruction manual applies to the Type R453A also unless otherwise noted. The Type R453A is electrically identical to the Type 453 but is mechanically adapted for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack.


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Tektronix 453A               60MHz Oscilloscope               

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